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Our objective is to produce first-rate fiduciary accountings in a timely manner at a reasonable price, while in compliance with the probate guidelines set by the governing state.

Often accountings need to be done quickly. You will find our turn around time to be very expedious. We are happy to give an estimate in advance of actually preparing the account.

We will work with you in a behind the scenes capacity.  You will receive personal one-on-one attention and we will be available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Accountings can be prepared in the format of any jurisdiction, meeting all court requirements.

Accountings are kept strictly confidential.  Upon completion of the assignment, we will submit the accounting to you and any authorized parties.  All supporting documents will be returned to you, or if you prefer, shredded by us. 
Need someone to take a load off your desk, free up some of your time and save you money?
We provide a service that may be very valuable to you.

We specialize in the preparation of fiduciary accountings for Trusts, Estates, Conservatorships and Guardianships.  We utilize a cost-effective Windows® based trust accounting software program that generates an exceptional product.

Proper accounting for assets that are entrusted to the fiduciary is essential.  The preparation of accountings can be overwhelming.  We possess a thorough understanding of the unique and multifaceted accounting issues relating to estates and trusts.
You will have more time to devote to your clients, manage the trust and tend to the legal process. Whether you are an executor, trustee, conservator, administrator or an individual with power of attorney; the administration of the conditions set forth in a governing document requires a great deal of work:  meeting with clients, reporting to beneficiaries, court appearances, finance and investment management, making distributions, keeping records, answering questions - just to name a few! 

We can help. 

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